My First Dare

My first real dare was back when I was amazingly shy.  I worked a promotional event with a regional swimsuit model.  We became friends.  Never dated, great friends.

However, I always joked that I was the invisible man when I was with her.  It was one day on our way to a private pool party that I joked.  “I could walk naked next to you and no one would notice.” 

She said that was not true, she “would buy dinner if I walked out naked”. 

As we came out of the changing area, she said “I thought you were going to be nude.  I dare you to walk out nude”  And turned and started walking. 

I decided, what the hell.  And slipped off my swim suit and followed her out.  And queitly walked to and sat at the table.  As predicted no one noticed I was nude. 

Now, after I sat down at the table.  I realized that I made a mistake.  No towel.  I had no exit strategy.

How I became a Nudist

At a party, my best friend brought a co-worker that was new to the area.    Because she did not know many people she was a little clingy, but since she was cute I did not mind.

At the end of the night I went to get something to eat before going home.  She asked if she could come along and needed a ride home.  When we were getting food, she announced that she was having breast implants put in the following week and needed someone to pick her up from surgery.

The dog in me said sure.  

When I picked her up she was completely out of it.  The doctor showed me how to change bandages, and massage the breasts (I did not see anything).  

We had agreed that the first night she would stay at my place, so I could keep an eye on here.  But the next day she said she was too sore to go home.  She got really mad when I asked if she needed help with the bandages.  And even madder if she needed them massaged.  Honestly I was just trying to help someone in pain. 

The overnight turned into a week.  I was sick of her being in my house.  A friend suggested that I walk around naked to get rid of her.  

Well it back fired.  She liked it.  We even started dating.  But when I was at her apartment or mine, the rule was I had to be nude.  :)